How To Eat This Book

You know those moments when you want to just quit your high paying job, make a baby, and move to a romantic european country and play in a field of olive trees in between making homemade pasta? Well I hate to tell you this but someone else beat you to it and already wrote the book.

Half narrative, half cookbook, this hybrid non-fiction piece can be used as escapist living in someone else’s shoes or as a contextual cookbook to inspire your dinner plans. Just a little sidenote that the pickled lemon recipe may look easy but you won’t know you messed up and wasted all those fancy lemons and a perfectly useful glass jar until so far in the future it may not be as worthwhile as you’d think when you see it. But otherwise it’s an enjoyable read that shows some of the pros and cons of actually following your dreams.

The Dolce Vita Diaries

God is dead… See you at church?

For anyone who struggled, struggled some more, and then finally click! For those few who read William Blake and rejoice! For those who secretly sat in church reading the lessons and asked themselves “What Would Derrida Do?”. Behold! a philosophical mix between the Derrida you know and love and the Christian commercialism killing modern churches struggling in a post-modern world.

What Would Jesus DeconstructFor those more interested in seeing the church come to terms with the reality of the fantasy it has been living in all these centuries: This one ain’t for you. This text is intended for those still chosing to believe in the applicability of the christian faith to the world and who would prefer to rethink the fantasy rather than take on the full dose of reality. At the same time, it is a look at a religion that seems to both embrace some elements of “modernity” while simultaneously rebuking it for existing. Human thought will never cease to grow in all the wild and wooly ways it is wont to do but here, for a slight change, is an attempt at kicking what claims to be a religion of the people, for the people, and tell it to keep up.


Dark Side of Eden

Every once in a while you find a book that you know isn’t the greatest book ever written but is sort of a mashup of other books that come close to it’s almost like “amazing by association”. This book is a mix between Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods and Christopher Moore’s Lambboth of which are clearly loved in this particular circle. (See Meet Merv and also any reference to The Joshua Fund)

Death a life, George PendleJoin Death on his journey from the birth of man through encounters with lesser gods and the ever annoying habit of Jesus Christ not to follow the rules. If you think it’s easy being alive imagine having to deal with the recently alive and often in large numbers. It’s a fast paced dark look at the ridiculousness that is “life” and how little we really understand about the forces we hitch our carts too every day.

It’s light enough to read on your phone but heavy enough to require a bite of pastry between the seemingly endless stream of puns.


An excerpt to whet the appetite:






Visual Science-Fantasy Cleans Out Bank Account!

So far the selection from our reading lists have been mainly codices. While the one pictured before is something like that in form it’s simply a visual placeholder for the many “episodes” that make up Saga. 

SagaIf you don’t think you’re into comic books and but enjoy a great story, an adorably intense narrator, and some epic accompanying artwork orbiting a pretty awesome concept than you may want to rethink your stance. It’s more graphic novella than what we may immediately think of as “comic books” so it’s an easy slide into giving ComiXology your credit card info and waiting in eager anticipation for the next chapter to be released.


And It’s Free!

What kind of idiot wouldn’t take a free book and just excite all over the place?? Well here’s on that isn’t only free but comes recommended.

The Emperor's Edge

It seems like a lot of our book suggestions come with a “Warning” label so here are a couple of notes for this one: (1) It’s free as an e-book, (2) the rest of the books aren’t free but you may not care, (3) it’s been labeled as “steam punk”.

Number 3 isn’t really a warning as much as a bigger reason to check it out. If you aren’t familiar with the genre this is a shallow entry point and if you think you detest it this book is an exception to the usual cliché’s that the genre has taken on in some circles. Overall it’s just a good read with some interesting characters including the assassin of Oci’s dreams (if you’re wondering what that means just read her bio on the About The Prophets page and you’ll get it).

The book is a fast read and doesn’t take a lot of energy. Recommended as a replacement for a couple Netflix binging sessions. Especially if you’re into a good action/adventure show with multiple seasons (and spinoffs) that holds a hint of romance but only to the point of an occasional girlish giggle because nothing happened.

Twisted Tales to Distract From Reality

Just saw J.A. Kazimer’s 2nd book in the “A F***ed Up Fairy Tale” series is up for bartering if you have a shiny plastic card and the ability to input numbers into Amazon and thought that rereading the first one (already owned) might be in order before purchasing the next one. If you’re into twisted fairly tales in televisionary form like Once Upon A Time or Into The Woods may we suggest something similar in book form?


It is a little f***ed up but isn’t reality just as bad sometimes? Might as well sit back and giggle your way through something a little more distracting than wondering what all the banging and shouting is coming through the wall you share with a neighbor.

If Only Ice Cream Were Currency

I’m sure we all have those moments when we stop reading for a brief moment to shower and thing to ourselves “Why don’t I just move?”. I have this thought almost every time I shower and this book is partly to blame. Unfortunately, my ice cream making skills aren’t as good as David Lebovitz.

The Sweet Life in Paris

However, with the hope that maybe I could also turn ice cream and pastries into money I also bought myself The Perfect Scoop after finishing this book to go with my brand new ice cream machine.

Doodle Diction

Look at this book cover. Just… Look at it.


If you’ve visiting our previous blog from college (The Devil Days of Chapel) and you’ve seen some of the books we enjoy reading you’ll see why just seeing this book cover would be exciting. It’s got it all: Art, Ideas, Motivational Passages, The Written word (with a little “w”. We’re fallen angels, not fallen humans).

Anyone interested in doing a little creative writing and even other forms of artistic endeavors will enjoy this book. Heck, even if you just like reading and looking at stuff other people have drawn you’ll like this book.

Go like this book!

My Phone Scares Me

Here are random Facebook Messenger chat lines referring to this book:

“They need to make The Circle into a move…” 

“This chat. Read The Circle by Dave Eggers. Seriously.”

“I’m reading The Circle.”

The Circle

This is another one of those shared experience books (this time started by Megan). We both highly recommend reading it but also should note that you may want to buy a physical book and not an e-book because it will seriously freak you out and make you give your phone long squinty looks because it will probably scare you at least a little bit.