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The Joshua Fund was inspired by all the people around us who we feel so bad for. Because they just weren’t gifted with much. They may have jobs, they may have “power”… But these are all worldly things. So we send them fruit baskets (and other assorted goodies) because we just… so sad.

Here is this month’s featured nominee (and Posse)!

Dr. Weymouth Spence, University President

Do click the video. Despite the tricksy privacy notification, it is a link to a video of President Spence in his recent “State of the University Address”!

Dr. Spence become president of Columbia Union College in 2008 (See one announcement HERE). By Spring break he had already gathered together all the faculty and informed them that their employment was tentative at best and that several of them should prepare to not get invited to the employment-party with a contract after the break. And to have a great Easter! When the faculty and students returned, there was no longer a Department of Communications and Journalism.

By Summer 2009 he ignored the special committee he created to help rename the school and officially changed it to Washington Adventist University. This made for a lot of confusion because the school is right next door to Washington Adventist Hospital. The school is not directly associated with the hospital.

Dr. Weymouth Spence has regularly proven himself to be an insecure leader with dreams to be a big bad business CEO. If only academia worked like Wall Street! If it did we probably wouldn’t be nominating him for this month’s fruit basket.

For more recent updates on what Dr. Spence has been up to lately (namely attempting to send 4 other academic departments the way of Communications) check out this group on Facebook called “We Are Washington Adventist Community” for more details!

And here’s what Dr. Spence will win!

Fruit Festival with Dipped Strawberries from Edible Arrangements

Fruit Festival with Dipped Strawberries from Edible Arrangements

To contribute to the Joshua Fund  and donate to buy this lovely gift basket for Dr. Spence please donate through our GoFundMe page.

We’ve been receiving non-monetary donations of memes! See them on our “Contributions to the Cause” Page.

It was brought to our attention that Weymouth Spence never works alone. So to make it fair we’re adding his posse to the list of recipients and have included more information here about his left and right arms: The Provost (Cheryl Kisunzu) and CFO (Patrick Farley). We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about these two and also… more donations in meme form! We’re loving these memes… please, keep ’em coming!

-The Prophets

Dr. Cheryl Kisunzu is the current Provost of Washington Adventist University. And she has her own video presentation. In fact, she has TWO!

Cheryl Kisunzu joined the team at Washington Adventist University a mere 8 months ago. She came to the DC area from Mountain View College (a community college in Dallas, Texas) Much more comfortable in social situations than Dr. Spence, Dr. Kisunzu has been doing a lot of the up-front talking during the recent mass termination of faculty and closing of academic programs. Yet, even through these “troubling times”, she manages to keep an eerie smile on her face and a gleam in her eye as she goes about her daily duties on campus.

After only a few months on campus, her first order of business at this university has been to trim the fat around the university. After all, who needs a strong English program when the new-found emphasis is on STEM programs? But wait! We can’t blame her for being unknowledgeable, of course. Her model at the community college was to have 30% full-time faculty with a 70% adjunct population, which is obviously superior to our current situation in a traditional Liberal Arts institution. Why would we need full-time faculty available who are also professionals in their field? Again, what? These decisions are not made easily, though. Poor Dr. Kisunzu wants us to know that she cares deeply for all of the faculty and staff affected by these difficult decisions. She wishes us to know that President Spence is an amazing leader and that she has been richly blessed to be working with him.

Patrick Farley, CPA, is the Executive Vice President of Finance at WAU and has not made any videos recently (we’re sad to say). But here is a photo of him so you know what he looks like:

Patrick Farley

Patrick Farley, Executive VP of Finance at Washington Adventist University

Who said accountants can’t be cheeky?! No one who’s met Patrick Farley, that’s for sure! He may be camera-shy but golly-gee is he good with numbers! Do you need to figure out a way to make it look like your school is in financial exigence while still making a profit to put towards the ultra-chic 6-month certificate program in Cybersecurity? Farley’s your man!

After being in his finance position for over a decade, Patrick Farley says this is the greatest administration he’s ever worked with. And he’s showing his loyalty by getting up front and defending the recent cuts to key academic departments with his financial prowess. And for that we’re including him in this month’s fruit basket giveaway!

You can donate to all three fruit baskets on our GoFundMe page. Just $5 from enough people will get the job done. For their slightly less prominently public roles in the current situation that’s winning them a full nomination, Dr. Kisunzu and Mr. Farley will be receiving this gift:

Delicious Daisy from Edible Arrangments

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