Visual Science-Fantasy Cleans Out Bank Account!

So far the selection from our reading lists have been mainly codices. While the one pictured before is something like that in form it’s simply a visual placeholder for the many “episodes” that make up Saga. 

SagaIf you don’t think you’re into comic books and but enjoy a great story, an adorably intense narrator, and some epic accompanying artwork orbiting a pretty awesome concept than you may want to rethink your stance. It’s more graphic novella than what we may immediately think of as “comic books” so it’s an easy slide into giving ComiXology your credit card info and waiting in eager anticipation for the next chapter to be released.


Wasteland Frolic


Dun dun DUUUUUUNNN! Behold an epic that will leave you parched. Quite literally!
DuneIf you have seen any of the film adaptations please unsee them before reading this book. Then you can watch them and realize why that was necessary.