God is dead… See you at church?

For anyone who struggled, struggled some more, and then finally click! For those few who read William Blake and rejoice! For those who secretly sat in church reading the lessons and asked themselves “What Would Derrida Do?”. Behold! a philosophical mix between the Derrida you know and love and the Christian commercialism killing modern churches struggling in a post-modern world.

What Would Jesus DeconstructFor those more interested in seeing the church come to terms with the reality of the fantasy it has been living in all these centuries: This one ain’t for you. This text is intended for those still chosing to believe in the applicability of the christian faith to the world and who would prefer to rethink the fantasy rather than take on the full dose of reality. At the same time, it is a look at a religion that seems to both embrace some elements of “modernity” while simultaneously rebuking it for existing. Human thought will never cease to grow in all the wild and wooly ways it is wont to do but here, for a slight change, is an attempt at kicking what claims to be a religion of the people, for the people, and tell it to keep up.