How To Read A Book

Step 1: Find a book. I recommend this one:

This is the outer cover to "Ship of Theseus" and is labeled as "S.".

Step 2: Find out the book is awesome and deserves to be read somewhere awesome.

Step 3: Do some research and find an awesome place to read your awesome book. This one looks good.


Step 4: Take your book out of its super snazzy holding cover (because the book is chock full of “stuff” and you don’t want to loose any while traveling) and order a small repast.


Step 5: Enjoy!


I Bought My Christmas Gift From You

I’m used to getting books for Christmas. It’s a staple gift from my parents after socks (which I love). This year I may have “needed” to buy another book to qualify for free shipping on Amazon when I was passing on the tradition by buying books for my younger cousins. I already had books for everyone on my list so of course I decided that for the price of shipping I could throw in an extra paperback. I’ve been buying somewhere in the vicinity of 10 books a month for my Kindle so I thought a real book might be good for a change.

My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas so I handed her this book to be wrapped and added to our mini-mountain under our very sad looking Charlie-Brown-esque tree. She didn’t do it fast enough so I stole it and took it with me to a Christmas Eve dinner. Who said it’s our electronic devices that make us anti-social?

In the spirit of free honesty I haven’t finished the book but I like it already. It’s weird. But in a good way. It’s like¬†The Televisionary Oracle only a little more my style with the Olympian mix. And here it is:

Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

Aren’t They All?

When I saw my brother post on Facebook that he’d bought this book in the airport on his way to Hong Kong for his summer internship I rolled my eyes and said “Of course he bought that book. He thinks he’s a rich Asian and our family is definitely crazy.”

When he came back from HK and gave me the book demanding that I read it I happened to be¬†between Regency Romance boxed sets I keep buying for my Kindle on Amazon for the week and decided what the heck, let’s do this. I brought the book with me on my cross-country train right this fall and since then the book have been passed through no less than 5 other people and all of them have absolutely loved the book (myself included). The demand to read this book has risen so high I’ve had to order additional copies in time for Christmas.

So here I am, hawking this awesomeness here to all of you. Even if you aren’t some form of Asian descent I’ve been assured you will like it as well. There have been confirmed rumors of a movie version forthcoming so you’d better read it now if you want to be cool ahead of the crowd. We’re also super looking forward to the sequel coming out in June 2015.

"Crazy Rich Asians" by Kevin Kwan

“Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan (I’ve never seen this alternate view on Amazon before… Good to know the book is the right size to fit in your personal item for air travel)