Wasteland Frolic


Dun dun DUUUUUUNNN! Behold an epic that will leave you parched. Quite literally!
DuneIf you have seen any of the film adaptations please unsee them before reading this book. Then you can watch them and realize why that was necessary.


And It’s Free!

What kind of idiot wouldn’t take a free book and just excite all over the place?? Well here’s on that isn’t only free but comes recommended.

The Emperor's Edge

It seems like a lot of our book suggestions come with a “Warning” label so here are a couple of notes for this one: (1) It’s free as an e-book, (2) the rest of the books aren’t free but you may not care, (3) it’s been labeled as “steam punk”.

Number 3 isn’t really a warning as much as a bigger reason to check it out. If you aren’t familiar with the genre this is a shallow entry point and if you think you detest it this book is an exception to the usual clich√©’s that the genre has taken on in some circles. Overall it’s just a good read with some interesting characters including the assassin of Oci’s dreams (if you’re wondering what that means just read her bio on the About The Prophets¬†page and you’ll get it).

The book is a fast read and doesn’t take a lot of energy. Recommended as a replacement for a couple Netflix binging sessions. Especially if you’re into a good action/adventure show with multiple seasons (and spinoffs) that holds a hint of romance but only to the point of an occasional girlish giggle because nothing happened.