And It’s Free!

What kind of idiot wouldn’t take a free book and just excite all over the place?? Well here’s on that isn’t only free but comes recommended.

The Emperor's Edge

It seems like a lot of our book suggestions come with a “Warning” label so here are a couple of notes for this one: (1) It’s free as an e-book, (2) the rest of the books aren’t free but you may not care, (3) it’s been labeled as “steam punk”.

Number 3 isn’t really a warning as much as a bigger reason to check it out. If you aren’t familiar with the genre this is a shallow entry point and if you think you detest it this book is an exception to the usual clich√©’s that the genre has taken on in some circles. Overall it’s just a good read with some interesting characters including the assassin of Oci’s dreams (if you’re wondering what that means just read her bio on the About The Prophets¬†page and you’ll get it).

The book is a fast read and doesn’t take a lot of energy. Recommended as a replacement for a couple Netflix binging sessions. Especially if you’re into a good action/adventure show with multiple seasons (and spinoffs) that holds a hint of romance but only to the point of an occasional girlish giggle because nothing happened.