About The Prophets

We call ourselves in plural form because we are few but have multiple personalities. Also, some of us choose to remain anonymous because it wouldn’t look too good to have our names associated with this underworld movement…. for now. At this time, there are two main contributors to this page. Here’s a quick biography:

Known for their not-yet-famous The Chapel Devils Blog, the co-founders of “Up Too Late Reading” are glad to be making their comeback with a bang and are already asking for your money. Inspired by the need for more piracy in the world and with a lot less fear of being ousted by their alma mater, they have gone public with their identities and their personal opinions on just about everything.

Now a data manager and recruiter of people who know things about how to fix people, Oci Lumbantobing  is an MBA graduate with an penchant for the literary. After getting her MBA–with a dual emphasis in oil pastels and in-class-online-dating–Oci lived on a beach for 2 months, learned French, started Gastrogasms (a wildly delicious food blog), and wrote a really bad poem about a boy she thought she had a crush on for about 15 minutes. An anti-eloquent romantic, Oci despises public displays of affection in any form except telepathic quoting of lines from books such as the Peloponnesian War and enjoys staring at random strangers in coffee shops. She also is believed to have founded the Church of Blakean Derision, a small sect of Derridian-Deconstructionists who are fascinated with William Blake and believe themselves to be prophets with the mission to bring chaos to order.

Nerd extraordinaire, Megan Boggess, dipped her timid toes into “Adult World”, promptly found she did not like it, and went running back to school. She is currently working on her Masters in Computer Science and Systems at the University of Washington in Tacoma, WA — but school is by no means the only thing she does. Megan has a penchant for trying anything she can, but maybe or maybe not continuing with it. This has led to an odd collection of things in her apartment: an electric organ, a sabre, a variety of kazoos (one of which she plays every National Kazoo Day — February 28), and Starbucks coffee mugs (who needs normal glasses when you can drink water out of a mug with a grizzly bear on it?). She has also learned, in her brief but probably terminal stay in the Pacific Northwest, to chase the sunshine and good coffee. One of those two things are prevalent in the Northwest; she leaves it to the discerning reader to determine which one.

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