How To Eat This Book

You know those moments when you want to just quit your high paying job, make a baby, and move to a romantic european country and play in a field of olive trees in between making homemade pasta? Well I hate to tell you this but someone else beat you to it and already wrote the book.

Half narrative, half cookbook, this hybrid non-fiction piece can be used as escapist living in someone else’s shoes or as a contextual cookbook to inspire your dinner plans. Just a little sidenote that the pickled lemon recipe may look easy but you won’t know you messed up and wasted all those fancy lemons and a perfectly useful glass jar until so far in the future it may not be as worthwhile as you’d think when you see it. But otherwise it’s an enjoyable read that shows some of the pros and cons of actually following your dreams.

The Dolce Vita Diaries

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