Dark Side of Eden

Every once in a while you find a book that you know isn’t the greatest book ever written but is sort of a mashup of other books that come close to it’s almost like “amazing by association”. This book is a mix between Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods and Christopher Moore’s Lambboth of which are clearly loved in this particular circle. (See Meet Merv and also any reference to The Joshua Fund)

Death a life, George PendleJoin Death on his journey from the birth of man through encounters with lesser gods and the ever annoying habit of Jesus Christ not to follow the rules. If you think it’s easy being alive imagine having to deal with the recently alive and often in large numbers. It’s a fast paced dark look at the ridiculousness that is “life” and how little we really understand about the forces we hitch our carts too every day.

It’s light enough to read on your phone but heavy enough to require a bite of pastry between the seemingly endless stream of puns.


An excerpt to whet the appetite:






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