I Dunno, Megan. Are We Oracles?

This book was mentioned in the last post (I Bought My Christmas Gift From You). We thought it was already on the Read. NOW! page but turns out it’s not.

Televisionary Oracle

So there’s a story behind this book. We’ve both read it but as far as I’m aware neither of us has a copy. I found it on one of my regular book-hunting expeditions at a thrift store right after graduation and passed it on to Megan the year after at hers. But not to Megan. I’d given Megan my copy the week before and I think it made a round through the school and has never been heard from again.

Fun fact! Did you know that the honors society for English Majors/Minors is called Sigma Tau Delta? We’re both members (inducted the same year!). We’re cool like that.

This was a pretty awesome book. I bought it because the first couple of pages made my brain go *YESSSS!* and then make a inner-sanctum fist pump somewhere near the knickknacks aisle. It immediately went into the cart. At the same time I must pass out fair warning that there are a few potentially uncomfortable references. Even I, and a female person with all the working bits and pieces to create life had a tought time reading through some bits. I won’t give anything away but never let it be said I never warned you.

This book, like Crazy Rich Asians (Read more: Aren’t They All? and The Circle (Coming Soon) has made its rounds in our circles and we can only hope our gospels are still making their way through the lives of others.

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