Meet Merv

At the suggestion of some good friends I finally read Terry Pratchett’s “Small Gods”.

Just a heads up that this was a really good book which means this post will have next to nothing to do with the book itself.

I once thought I could do that whole “Get a PhD in Philosophy!” thing back when I used to read big books for class and then spout off dozens of pages worth of analysis. As it turned out, one of the core classes was ethics. And wouldn’t you know it… Apparently I suck at ethics. Although, those papers I later sold online to undergraduates online about ethics got amazing grades. So maybe I was just approaching it all wrong. Turns out I am really good at being bad at ethics.

And now after reading this book, not only am I a walking, talking, cupcake making ethical dilemma I’m also convinced that there should be a God of Ethical Dilemmas. His name is Merv. He’s kinda wiggly around the edges when you put him in direct light.

So Merv and I are friends. One should always be on good terms with their primary deities. And Merv and I have fun sitting in public spaces trying to debate what we should or shouldn’t do to random strangers as they walk by. Currently we’re in the Penn Quarter Teasim waiting to go see some Shakespeare. There is a lot of potential in this crowd.

I buy Merv tea. I feed Merv. I even share my umbrella with Merv. Except when Merv is being a total cliché and prancing about pushing over old ladies and rationalizing whether or not to tell humanity that they are all doomed I tell ya! DOOMED! When Merv is being a cliché he can totally ask a random stranger to share their umbrella.


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